NCEDCloud is an online platform used primarily by educators, students, and staff in North Carolina schools. It provides secure access to educational resources and tools through a centralized portal.


It is a cloud-based service used for online learning and resource management. This platform includes tools like Canvas, which integrates with Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365, making digital learning simple.

MyNCEDCloud helps companies and educational institutions optimize their cloud computing configurations.

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Login Requirements of NCEdCloud:

To access the NCEdCloud Login portal, users must meet the following requirements:

  • Username: Typically, it is your email address or name combination.
  • Password: Must be at least eight characters long, include an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number, and a unique character.
  • 2FA :Two-factor authentication includes an SMS code, email link/code, or Authenticator app code.
  • Security Questions: Set up personal security questions for account recovery.
  • Supported Browsers: Ensure optimal performance with (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge) and devices (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android).

How to claim your NCEdCloud Account:

By following the below steps, you can claim your NCEdCloud account:

NCEdCloud Account
  • Access Account Claim Page: Visit the NCEdCloud Claim My Account page at
  • Enter Your Identification Number: Use your PowerSchool student number (for students) or staff ID (for faculty).
  • Provide Personal Details: Fill in required fields such as full name, school, and email address.
  • Set Up Your Password: Create and confirm a new password.
  • Terms and Conditions: Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Complete the Process: Click ‘Submit’ to complete the registration process.

Key features:

NCEdCloud offers critical features designed for efficient and secure educational management in North Carolina:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Allows one login for multiple services.
  • Centralized Resource Management: Puts all educational tools and resources in one easy-to-access place.
  • Secure Data Management: It Protects user data with solid security measures.
  • User Identity Management: It controls who can access what resources based on their roles.
  • Scalability and Reliability: Handles a large number of users smoothly.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Offers immediate insights into how resources are used.
  • Integration with LEAs: Improves cooperation and data sharing between educational bodies.
  • Cloud-Based: Maintains high availability and easy growth using cloud technology.

NCEdCloud Login:

NC EdCloud provides instructors in North Carolina with essential educational resources. To swiftly and safely access your account, follow these steps: 

  • Go directly to to reach the NCEdCloud login page.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • If prompted, complete the multifactor authentication to verify your identity.
  • Click on Sign In to use services like Canvas, PowerSchool, and SchoolNet from your dashboard.

SCAN Your QR Code:

  • Go to the NCEdCloud Login.
  • Tap the “Scan QR Code” button on the homepage.
  • Click “Allow” when prompted to let the application use your camera.
  • Hold the QR code steady in front of the camera until it scans.

Follow these steps for a quick and secure QR code scanning experience with Rapididentity.

Offical NameNCEdCloud
Contact InformationNCEdCloud Support

Benefits of NCEDCloud 

Are you looking for a secure and easy-to-use cloud service for your business? NC ED Cloud is the perfect solution! MyNCEd Cloud is simple, affordable, and reliable for storing and managing data. With NCEd Cloud, you can access your data whenever and wherever you need it, from any device.

  • Access Key Learning Resources: Students can utilize NCEdCloud to access essential tools like PowerSchool, Canvas, and SchoolNet. These platforms are crucial for retrieving learning materials, submitting assignments, and checking grades, enhancing students’ educational experiences.
  • Stay Organized: It consolidates all educational resources in one place. It helps students stay organized by tracking assignments, due dates, and teacher communications through its calendar and alert system.
  • Explore Additional Resources: Explore a range of resources on NC EdCloud, including specialized learning modules and library services, to complement classroom learning.
  • Collaborate Effectively: Utilize NCEdCloud’s collaboration tools such as discussion boards and group project features to work efficiently with peers and enhance team collaboration skills.
  • Stay Updated: Frequently check NCEdCloud for updates to tools and resources to ensure you are using the latest functionalities and optimizing your learning experience.

  • Centralize Classroom Management: Teachers can use My NCEdCloud to access tools like PowerSchool, Canvas, and SchoolNet for efficient grade management, assignment creation, and student progress tracking.
  • Enhance Communication: The platform’s communication tools enable teachers to stay in regular contact with students and parents, facilitating updates, feedback, and announcements.
  • Access Professional Development: It offers resources and training modules for professional development. Teachers should regularly use these resources to refine their teaching methods and stay
  • Utilize Data and Reporting: Teacher can Leverage the data analytics and reporting tools available on the platform to assess student performance and improve teaching strategies.

  • Simplify Administrative Procedures: Use My.NCEdCloud to manage administration tools like PowerSchool, HR, and finance systems, streamlining operations from enrollment to payroll.
  • Track Academic Progress: Leverage the platform’s data analytics capabilities to monitor and analyze school performance metrics, facilitating data-driven decisions to enhance student success and school efficiency.
  • Encourage Career Advancement: Manage and track staff professional development opportunities through NCEdCloud, which provides easy access to courses and training resources for educators’ continuous professional growth.
  • Strengthen Compliance and Security: Ensure the security of student data and compliance with academic standards using NCEdCloud’s secure environment.

Disadvantages of NCEdCloud:

NCEd Cloud, while offering centralized educational resources, has several disadvantages:

  • Internet Dependency: Reliance on stable internet connectivity may not be available to all users, potentially exacerbating educational inequalities.
  • Usability Issues: The platform can be complex and challenging for users who are not tech-savvy, impacting its effectiveness.
  • Privacy and Security Concerns: Managing the security and privacy of sensitive educational data is a significant challenge.
  • Limited Customization: The ability to change the platform to specific local or individual needs is restricted.
  • Technical Support and Training: Insufficient training and support can hinder effective use, and delays in technical support can disrupt educational activities.
  • System Reliance: Over-reliance on NCEdCloud can pose risks if the platform experiences downtime, affecting multiple educational activities simultaneously.

Why is My NCEdCloud Not Working?

If your NCEdCloud is not working, consider these troubleshooting steps:

  • Check Internet Connection
  • Verify Login Credentials like username and password.
  • Clear browser cache and cookies, or try a different browser.
  • Check for any announced outages on the NCEdCloud status page.
  • Wait a few minutes after multiple failed login attempts, then try again.
  • Confirm with your school administrators if you have the correct access permissions.

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About NCEdCloud:

The North Carolina Education Cloud (NCEdCloud) is a cloud-based platform built for K-12 schools in North Carolina. It provides a secure and easy way for students, teachers, and community members to access educational resources and tools online.

NCEdCloud was established as part of North Carolina’s efforts to improve education with better technology. It’s linked to the state’s Race to the Top educational changes (RttT), which focus on using technology to boost learning. With this platform, all K-12 schools in North Carolina have the technology they need for interactive and practical teaching, helping students prepare for the future.

NC EdCloud was created to support North Carolina’s educational initiatives and ensure that modern educational needs are met. Everyone who uses it, from students to staff, gets their own username and password. This ensures that learning materials are easily and securely accessible to all.

Future of NCEdCloud:

The future of NCEdCloud looks promising, with plans to adopt new technologies like AI and VR, improve its design and security, and focus more on personalizing the learning experience for each student. It will also work better with other educational tools and pay close attention to keeping student data safe. Additionally, it aims to ensure that all students, regardless of location or background, can easily use its resources. These updates will help make education more effective and accessible for everyone in North Carolina.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my email address in my NCEdCloud account?

No, you cannot change your email directly in NCEdCloud. Email addresses are updated from source systems like PowerSchool for students and HR systems for employees.

How do I select my preferred email address in NCEdCloud?

You can select a preferred email from the Profile settings on the NCEdCloud website, which will be used for integrated applications.

Why does Single Sign-On (SSO) sometimes not work?

SSO may fail in “private” or “incognito” mode as these settings prevent sharing session information. Avoid using these modes to ensure SSO works properly.

What should I do since Authy Desktop Authenticator is ending?

Migrate to other mobile device-based authenticators as recommended by NCEdCloud. Assistance for setup is available from PSU administrators.

How can teachers access student performance data through NCEdCloud?

To access student performance data, teachers need to log into NCEdCloud and use applications such as PowerSchool or Canvas, where the data is hosted.

How does the IAM Service enhance user security?

The IAM Service enhances security by centralizing authentication processes and reducing the potential for password theft across multiple platforms.


In conclusion, NCEdCloud is a significant step forward in educational technology in North Carolina, providing a centralized platform that enhances teaching and learning. It offers easy access to numerous digital tools and resources and ensures a safe and user-friendly environment for educators and students. This platform supports everyday activities while encouraging ongoing improvements and innovation. Looking ahead, it’s essential for everyone involved to support and enhance this platform to keep up with educational needs. Continued support for NCEdCloud is an investment in a fair and effective educational environment for everyone.